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Since 2014, Ideal Floor Coatings has been installing epoxy flooring throughout Central Ohio. With over 6+ years of experience, we know everything there is to know about epoxy flooring. There are many types, each with its own pros and cons.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings & Their Applications

There are many different types of floor coatings that fall under the classification of epoxy concrete flooring. They are very popular for both industrial and commercial flooring options, and enjoy immense popularity among property and business owners for their non-slip, low-maintenance finish. Read on for a comprehensive list of some of the most popular epoxy flooring options:

  • Self-dispersing Coating – Mainly used in areas with heavy machinery traffic, this is mainly used with quartz sand. Excellent anti-slip properties
  • Self-leveling Coating – Exceptionally easy to install on existing concrete floors, creating a seamless and smooth surface. Ideal for storage buildings, kitchens, warehouses, and more!
  • Mortar Coating – Normally used in heavy industrial zones, and can be used to repair the cracks in other epoxy floors.
  • Gravel Coating – One of the most beautiful and decorative options available, able to add brand marks, details, or even logos!
  • Terrazzo Coating – Decorative but easy to clean. Normally in hallways, office buildings, and commercial properties.
  • Antistatic Coating – Used in static-sensitive areas where electronics are in use and a neutral environment is important. Ideal for hospitals, electronic manufacturing, and biomedical labs.
  • Vapor Barrier Coating – Liquid vapor barrier epoxy is applied to the top of concrete flooring, giving the surface decreased vapor transmission.
  • Flaked Coating – This is more of a style of application, but this adds multicolored flakes into the epoxy floor to enhance the look.
  • 100% Solids Coating – The most durable and tough type of epoxy by far, this lasts roughly 20 low-maintenance years and can be combined with hardeners to enhance the shelf life.
  • Water-Based Coating – The most user-friendly option for a DIY epoxy floor, but obviously lacks the extra longevity and moisture protection of other types.
  • Solvent-Based Coating – Rarely used but sporting solvents for primers and sealers

Epoxy Flooring in Columbus

For all of your residential flooring, like patio coatings and pool flooring needs throughout Central Ohio, call Ideal Floor Coatings at 614-694-0077. You can also fill out the form below to get started any time, day or night. At Ideal Floor Coatings, your epoxy superstore in Columbus!

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