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There are many ways to make the pool area safe, but a non-slip surface is always recommended when possible. Despite the investment, it is an excellent measure that can be taken with a simple phone call to the epoxy experts at Ideal Floor Coatings. We have been flooring in Central Ohio since 2014, proudly serving our community with superior services at low prices. We are so confident that we are offering a free consultation and inspection to our customers. Simply call 614-694-0077 and ask for a free quote!

There are many options available for commercial non-slip surfaces, but none can match the seamless fit and years of toughness that you can get from epoxy flooring. It is perfect for the pool area especially because it is not prone to dirt and grime buildup, and is made with a chlorine-resistant polyavastic designed to keep it from degrading.

Why epoxy floors for your Columbus pool area?

A regular concrete floor requires intermittent pressure washing, sealing, painting, and more! This process must be completed over and over with the frequency decided by foot traffic and damage. Over the years, you end up throwing away a remarkable amount of money and time.

Rubber flooring such as sheets and tiles also requires maintenance, although to a lesser degree. Proper maintenance includes mopping and sweeping and vacuuming, inevitably packing dirt and grime into the seams between the rubber tiles and allowing it to work its way to the subfloor and erode the adhesive that gives it grip. Over time, this will loosen and require repair or replaconcrete.

Epoxy flooring, however, does not require any sort of maintenance or cleaning! Removing any gathered dirt or grime can be achieved with plain water so you do not have to concern yourself with expensive cleaning methods or tools. Epoxy flooring is extraordinarily low maintenance, and can give your Columbus pool area years of life and added safety! Simply call us at 614-694-0077 to schedule a free inspection and estimate for your home, or fill out the form on this page and we will contact you shortly. Get in touch with Ideal Floor Coatings for all of your residential flooring needs!

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