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Garage Concrete Coating in Columbus

Do not live with an old or cracked garage floor! Outdated, aging, or damaged garage floors can store dust and mold, create odor and moisture problems, and reduce the comfort of your Columbus area. A brand new epoxy floor from Ideal Floor Coatings can completely revitalize your surface with non-slip accents and breathtaking visual appeal.

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Garage Flooring in Central Ohio

Our company believes that each project is unique and requires a completely new approach, so we tailor our services and pricing to your needs. With a huge array of colors to choose from, as well as styles and brands from the most popular manufacturers, there is something for everyone at Ideal Floor Coatings in Columbus. We are confident you will love the anti-skid surfaces and added property value that come with a high-quality epoxy garage floor!

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When you call Ideal Floor Coatings, there are many advantages you will enjoy such as:

  • Convenient scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle
  • Textured safety non-slip surfaces
  • Will last for decades with minimal maintenance
  • Chemical-, abrasion- and impact-resistant
  • Can handle extreme heat and cold
  • Insured and certified installers since 2014
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Garage Floor Systems in Columbus

There are so many reasons to get high-quality flooring coating for your Columbus garage, but only one company to call to do it! Ideal Floor Coatings offers you peerless service at unbeatable prices for over 6+ years. For a risk-free, no-obligation concrete coating estimate, call 614-694-0077 and speak to our passionate design team. For innovative service and selection, call Ideal Floor Coatings in Columbus today!


the Ideal Garage FLoor Coating Difference

6x Stronger than Epoxy

STEP 1: Preparation

Grind your concrete floor using diamond grinder to ensure maximum adhesion.

step 2: Concrete Reconstruct

Apply concrete
mender to fill cracks and spalling holes.

step 3: Apply Basecoat

Apply our polyurea basecoat, which is 6x stronger than epoxy!

Step 4: Hand-Apply Vinyl Chips

Next we spread small vinyl chips that provide a unique color & texture.

Step 5: Remove Excess Chips

We scrap away the loose chips which adds extra grip & slip resistance to the floor.

Step 6: Apply a Clear Coat

Apply a clear UV stable polyaspartic final coat, keeps floor from yellowing from the sun.

Our advanced floor coatings are made to withstand heavy use and remain safe with years of use. We even include a 15-year product warranty to prove how reliable our residential, commercial, industrial and garage floor coatings are. At Ideal Floor Coatings, we pride ourselves in the high-quality products we deliver with exceptional service.

Our chip system offers stylish, durable floor options in a variety of patterns and colors. When it comes to an effective and appealing flooring installation, style is just as important as strength—and Ideal Floor Coatings’ chip system offers the best of both! Specially designed and formulated by experienced flooring contractors, our chip system utilizes three distinct layers for top-grade strength and stability.

With extreme durability and chemical resistance, quartz floors are built for tough environments.Whether it’s an outdoor pool deck or a high-traffic area in a busy medical facility, some spaces simply cannot settle for low-quality flooring. If you need a durable and protective floor that performs well under even the harshest conditions, consider the quartz system flooring installed by ldeal Floor Coatings!

Our chip system offers stylish, durable floor options in a variety of patterns and colors. When it comes to an effective and appealing flooring installation, style is just as important as strength—and Ideal Floor Coatings’ chip system offers the best of both! 

Unlike traditional materials, polyurea can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and abrasions. From unexpected emergencies to the final breakdown of a long-aging concrete floor, you don’t always get the luxury of planning when flooring upgrades are necessary. If it’s the dead of winter and your garage or workshop floor has reached the point of no return, don’t stress—just get in touch with Ideal Floor Coatings!

Expect from Ideal Floor Coatings:

Advanced Formulas

With our specially designed formulas, your garage floor coating is made to endure maximum use while remaining functional.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Our technicians are highly skilled at applying garage floor coatings and remain committed to providing excellent service.

One Day Solutions

At Ideal, we're known for our one day floor coatings. In just 24 hours, your floors will be transformed and ready to use.

Locally Owned & Operated

We are a locally owned & operated concrete coating company serving Columbus homeowners built by Columbus residents!


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