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Epoxy Floor Installers In Columbus

If you are in the market for first-rate epoxy floors at the lowest prices in town, call Ideal Floor Coatings!  We are your go-to epoxy floor installation specialist in Columbus since 2014, and we take pride in our reputation for dependable, quality work.  If you need further proof, take a look at our state-certified and fully licensed staff that can have your epoxy floor finished quickly!  Call us today at 614-694-0077!

Where Can You install Epoxy?

Though they are most commonly seen in commercial settings like office buildings, lobbies, hotels, etc.  Places with high foot traffic are ideal for epoxy flooring.  Garage floors are also well suited, but it has many applications.  Nearly anywhere you have concrete flooring can be perfect for epoxy.  

Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

If you are considering a garage floor installation, there are several steps to take in preparation.  The first, and arguably most important, is to make the floor as clean as possible, even going so far as to inspect it for any damage.  Any deficiencies in your floor can interfere with the adherence capability of the epoxy.  Next you must profile the floor, which is the technical term for exposing pores within your concrete floor in order for them to form a solid and coherent bond. After that, the temperature should be kept between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit so the mixing of the epoxy can get underway. At least three separate coats are applied over the next few days and any epoxy flakes (if in the floor plan) and a topcoat to put a perfect, long-lasting bow on it.

Why Install Epoxy Coating?

Besides adding years of durability to your Columbus commercial property or office space, it is exceedingly easy to install. Taking less than twenty four hours to set up and keeping its distinctive toughness, garage epoxy is made to go the distance.  For a seamless, durable surface that is sure to revitalize any interior, epoxy coating has you covered, even resisting oil and water stains!  

In fact, there are so many advantages to a high-quality epoxy floor from Ideal Floor Coatings that we had to list some of them here:

  • Easy to clean surface
  • Water and Oil Resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe, durable, beautiful
  • Call Ideal Floor Coatings at 614-694-0077 for a free consultation!
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